Victory for Sebastian, Gunnar Asmussen takes third.

After a year of absence, the German tour is back on the island of Sylt. After five days of racing, the results are in. Severne rider Sebastian Kördel has won the racing, as well as, slalom disciplines. Coming in on a third place in the racing discipline is Sebastian’s team buddy and speed legend Gunnar Asmussen.

Photos by: Choppy Water /

Over the five days of competition, seven races were completed in the racing discipline in a variety of different conditions. Sebastian showed strong form in the racing discipline and had a comfortable lead going into the final day. 

On the last day, easterly winds had arrived, which means offshore winds, and two races were completed in the racing discipline before the race crew decided to switch to slalom racing. Sebastian won the first race, and by the time the second elimination was nearly completed, the wind dropped, and all of the finalists got shared points. This left Sebastian with victory in the slalom discipline, as well as, the racing discipline.

That concluded Sebastian’s successful run at this years’ German Championships, which also saw a pleased Gunnar Asmussen take third in the racing discipline after a winter of back issues.

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